Thermal Mgmt (CRAC Units)


​We pride ourselves on customer service... Our sales team is here to provide you with the best experience on all products that facilitate your critical infrastructure and is more than willing to provide all information on UPS systems, Switchgear, Battery Products, PDU /RPP, CRAC / CRAH Units, Infrastructure Management and Cool Aisle Containment.  

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Offering VRLA / VLA Flooded Batteries

Choose from a variety of battery manufacturers:  EnerSys, Deka, C & D Technologies, GNB, Fiamm, Yuasa, CSB.

APS offers Turnkey Solutions, Sales, Removal, Installation, and Disposal .

Infrastructure Management


Battery Sales

Enerysys, C&D, Deka, CSB, Yuasa, Unigy, Fiamm

UPS Sales

Mitsubishi Power


Approved Emerson /Liebert Solutions Partner



Authorized Mitsubishi Buyer Reseller

Mission-Critical Cooling Provides Protection Under All Conditions

An air conditioning system that maintains the temperature and humidity at the proper levels in your critical facility is an absolute necessity for the viability of your business.

Peace-of-Mind Knowing Your Systems Are Watched Over

Monitoring and control must be an integral part of your power infrastructure. This is the key to assuring high availability and maximizing your investment in these critical facilities.

Designed From The Ground Up For Effective Power Distribution

The proper delivery of power from the UPS system to your critical load equipment is a key element of system availability. Studies show that 80% of all power-related downtime is caused by disruptions between the UPS and the critical load.

Certified Vendor for Albercorp

Customized Products & Solutions:  Allowing Your Facility to Run Smoothly Without Interruptions While Keeping Peace of Mind

Cool Aisle Containment


Intelligent, Integrated Infrastructure For Your Data Center

Deploy a controllable, secure, efficient, and flexible infrastructure including Liebert's SmartMod™,  SmartAisle™, and SmartRow™. 

Maintain Flexibility And Ensure The Availability Of Critical Systems

Providing efficient and flexible  power protection that can meet your small to large applications that adhere to operating and capital requirements.