​Complete and Customizable Monitoring Solution with No Interruptions

Design: ​With over 100 Possibilities of battery cabinet designs.  Alliance Power Services perform a site survey/walkthrough to identify the following areas:

  • Cabinet configuration
  • Installation Location of Hardware
  • Inspect for Objects in the overhead that may alter the installation (Existing Facilities)
  • Network Options to monitor via MODBUS

Installation: Alber trained from the factory, Alliance Power Services will perform the installation from start to finish.  No 3rd party sub contractors.

  • Panduit Runs
  • MODBUS Communications
  • LAN / Network Interface.  

Commissioning:  Commissioning / Start Up performed on equipment. 

  • Cell Voltage calibrations to battery specifics
  • Ambient temperature of battery cabinets
  • Test Current calibrations for Alber DC (Patent) Resistive Load Testing
  • Configuration of Database on Alber BMDM (Battery Monitor Data Manager) Platform (Legacy Product)
  • Configuration of Database on Alber Battery Explorer (Enterprise) New Product.
  • Training for onsite personnel – Alber BMDM Software, Alber Battery Monitor Training

Service:   Preventative Maintenance

  • Yearly calibrations to all parameters on the Alber software for each battery configuration
  • Annual Discharge test utilizing Alber BCT -2000 (Battery Capacitance Testing)
  • Alliance Power Services stock piles on hand spares for BDS-256XL and BDS-40 Controller and DCM’s  

Remote Reporting:  detailed monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual analytics reports

  • Individual Cell Voltage and ​Individual Cell Resistance – Health of the battery
  • Number of Discharges per month
  • UPS Float Current (Trickle Charge) to the batteries.  High Float Current is an indication of Thermal Runway
  • Battery Cabinet Ambient Temperatures.  High Temperature is an indication of Thermal Runway

Universal Xplorer Industrial Battery Monitor (UXIM)

Universal Xplorer Telecom Battery Monitor (UXTM)

Alber Battery diagnostic systems (BDS) continuously monitor all critical battery parameters, verify the integrity of the connected battery system, and alarm on any out-of-tolerance condition. Testing includes proactive, internal DC cell resistance measurements at programmed intervals recommended by IEEE standards. By tracking increases in internal cell resistance, the BDS predicts if the battery system will perform during a power outage.

Designed for Enclosed Battery Cabinets

​The BDS-40, especially designed and optimized to monitor UPS batteries in cabinets, continuously monitors all critical battery parameters, automatically performs periodic resistance tests to verify the operating integrity of the connected battery, and greatly improves the reliability of your DC power system

Easy to Install
Designed and optimized for UPS battery cabinets, the BDS-40 is the perfect choice. With the monitor mounted on top of the cabinet and custom cables with each connection point identified to battery, installation is quick and easy.

Easy to Configure
Each BDS-40 unit monitors all batteries in one cabinet. Two different units are available. The Base Unit is the central point where power and communication connections are made. Each additional battery cabinet in the system then uses a Plus Unit, which transfers data to the Base Unit for alarm and data storage. Each Base Unit can manage up to five Plus Units, for a total of six battery cabinets. Choose an internal network card and/or a dial-up modem as standard.

Real Time Data Capture

● Cell Voltage
● Cell Resisitance
● String Voltage
● Discharge Current (Note: An optional current transducer is required. Transducer accuracy affects overall current reading accuracy.)
● Float Current (Note: An optional current transducer is required.)


BCT-2000 Battery Capacity Test System

Designed for Large Cell Count Applications


​● Automate the IEEE Recommended Practices for battery maintenance and testing
● Maintain complete and accurate maintenance records
● 24x7 data collection, analysis, and remote alarm notification

  • Overall String Voltage
  • Individual Cell Voltage
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Discharge Current
  • Float Current
  • Discharge Event

● Real time display and data logging of individual cell voltages and string current during a discharge event

Proactive Continuity and Integrity Testing
● User programmable DC resistance tests
● Internal cell resistance test (Battery State of Health)
● Intercell and Intertier connection resistance test

Battery Management
● Vital battery parameters are continuously compared to user programmable alarm thresholds
● Detailed analysis and report generation with the BMDM - Battery Monitor Data Manager software
● No onsite computer is required for data collection and alarming - multiple remote communication options
● Easily integrates to building management systems

The BDS-256XL is a modular system that can monitor virtually any UPS battery configuration. The BDS-256XL consists of a Controller, Data Collection Module, and Resistance Test Module.

Interface to the BDS-256XL is done using the Alber Battery Monitor Data Manager (BMDM) software. The Battery Monitor Report Generator program creates reports from collected data.

MPM-100 Battery Monitor

BDS-40 Battery Monitor

Alber BDS-256XL

Alliance Power Services:  Battery Monitoring (partnered with Albercorp)

BDS-256XL Battery Monitor

A battery monitor can detect developing problems long before a critical situation develops by measuring and recording values during the installation and to look for trends over time. Changes in values over time, even though they may be within the manufacturer’s allowable ranges, may be cause for concern and may require action.

Certified Vendor for Albercorp and is authorized for Installation, Start Up, Commissioning, and Service

​​Alber BDS-40



Alber Battery Monitoring Options Designed to Meet your Operational Needs

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