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SiteScan Web Centralized Monitoring and Control

Provide accurate reporting of leaks below the floor, above the ceiling or at the perimeter of a room in critical facilities. These reliable systems provide immediate warning and precise location, allowing you to find and correct a leak

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Liebert SiteScan Web Centralized Monitoring and Control

Allows monitoring and control of virtually any piece of critical support equipment — whether located in the next room or in a facility on the other side of the country.

The web-based system provides centralized oversight of Liebert precision air, power and UPS units, as well as many other analog or digital devices. Features include real-time monitoring and control, data analysis and trend reporting, and event management.

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Approved Emerson /Liebert Solutions Partner


  • Delivers unprecedented, real-time visibility into critical infrastructures and the impact of changes and provides the power to visualize the real situation in your data center, make the right decision and take action with confidence.
  • Monitors all IT and facilities resources in the data center and automates management and control to help your IT and facilities organizations realize their objectives
  • Taps into servers, routers, storage, power distribution units, environmental monitors and more to intelligently aggregate, analyze and react to change and loads placed on environmental controls

     Key Features:  

  • Trellis™ Inventory Manager
    • The ultimate tool for keeping track of all of your assets.
  • Trellis™ Site Manager
    • Full tracking and reporting on the health of your devices.
  • Trellis™ Power System Manager
    • Complete management of your data center's power system.
  • Trellis™ Thermal System Manager
    • Provides thermal management for the dynamic and often complex data center environment.​​​​​
  • Trellis™ Process Manager
    • Designed to help the organization work more efficiently while reducing the risks associated with changes in the data center.
  • Trellis™ Mobile Suite
    • Eliminates note taking, reduce the chance of errors through re-entering of data, increase staff efficiency and reduce time spent on audits. The Trellis Mobile Suite extends the real-time capabilities of the Trellis platform while physically being located in the data center.
  • Trellis™ Platform Express Edition
    • Provides an out-of-the-box ​DCIM solution with the same features, functions and benefits as those found in the Trellis platform...just simplified

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Leak Detection

Product Sales & Solutions:  Infrastructure Management 

Centralized Monitoring

Emerson Network Power's infrastructure management products offer real-time acquisition of data from the data center infrastructure and environment to monitor and manage your data center with superior efficiency by gaining the ability to change operating status of managed devices and help to prevent this loss to the business and keeps your data center running at peak performance.

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