STS2 Static Transfer Switch

Provides automatic, seamless transfer between critical load and the outputs of two independent UPS systems in a dual-bus power configuration. If the primary UPS should fail, the switch will automatically transfer the loads to the alternate UPS.

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 Power Distribution

FPC Power Distribution Cabinet

Provides higher quality, more flexible power distribution for high-density data centers. This self-contained system provides power isolation, power distribution, computer-grade grounding and power monitoring.

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MB Modular Busway

Provides high density power distribution to the rack while eliminating cable clutter that can reduce airflow. This modular system is easy to install, and is easily expanded with a variety components in configurations to meet unique site needs. Available in high density and standard configurations.

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Product Sales & Solutions:  Power Distribution (PDU and RPP)

Credit:  Emerson Network Power

Approved Emerson /Liebert Solutions Partner

For applications requiring protection from electrical line problems without the need for back-up capability, Emerson Network Power manufactures a full line of power conditioning equipment to shield critical loads from external disturbances. Liebert power distribution systems efficiently deliver this conditioned power to your equipment.


STS2-PDU Static Transfer Switch-Power Distribution Unit

With a single, space-saving unit, the Liebert STS2/PDU static transfer switch/power distribution unit provides power distribution and automatic switching between two different AC power sources.

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Static Transfer Switches

PPC Distribution Cabinet

Power conditioning and distribution cabinet that offers the benefits of a custom-tailored system, with the convenience and cost savings of a pre-packaged, factory-tested system. 

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RX Power Distribution Cabinet

Supplies packaged power distribution in the smallest possible footprint, with 400 Amp and 84 poles in one panelboard, and only requiring 24”x12” of space.  Available in 400A, 84 pole models, with options for panelboard level (CPM) or branch circuit level (LDMF) monitoring. 

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Sited:  Emerson Network Power

Sited:  Emerson Network Power