Preventive maintenance on your critical equipment helps prevent loss of down time, due to equipment failure and reducing unscheduled outages and losses, boosting energy efficiency.

In electrical systems, excessive heat is a sign of impending trouble.  Infrared scanning can pinpoint thermal anomalies that can threaten your electrical systems. 

A battery monitor can detect developing problems long before a critical situation develops by measuring and recording values during the installation and to look for trends over time. 


Alliance Power Services:  A Premium Critical Infrastructure Maintenance and Solutions Company

Alliance Power Services offers New Product sales CUSTOM to your Critical Infrastructure Needs:  UPS, Switchgear, VRLA / VLA Batteries, PDU / RPP, DCIM, CRAH Units and Cool Air Containment. 

Services, Products & Solutions to Meet All Your Operational Needs

The battery is by far the most vulnerable and failure-prone part of your UPS.  Proactive battery maintenance and monitoring helps minimize risk of downtime and maximize battery efficiency. 

Based in Dallas, TX, Alliance Power Services is a premier critical power maintenance, service, and solution management company ensuring performance and eliminating downtime in your facility due to failures or defects in the critical power infrastructure.  

Offering a “one stop" solution for all your UPS and battery services and products, our goal is to discover our customers' needs and then develop the solution allow them to maximize their efficiency, insure peak performance and reliability, and ultimate peace of mind for their operation.